Balance - Laying The Foundation - The Pendleburys

I believe in simple, sensible heath advice.

There are WAY too many conflicting, confusing health messages thrown around in today’s world. Detoxes, fad diets, ANY diets, fasting, meal replacements, bikini body programs, protein only, low carb, low fat.. high fat! … the list goes on.

As a nutritionist I do not advocate any of these and my true passion is to help people achieve a healthy balance in their lives – leaving you not only feeling great about your weight, but enjoying a healthy relationship with food and exercise thus living a happy, healthy life.

Learning how to eat healthily and sensibly in a balanced lifestyle of nourishment, exercise and relaxation day to day, is the key to long term health and a healthy weight. Balance is my key word for healthy living as it provides you with a lifestyle approach that can be sustained for a life time, unlike a ‘diet’. Diets are only short term solutions, they are not a way that you can live and behave forever. I like to encourage and share healthy living tips and habits which last a life time resulting in a healthy, fit and happy life – for good!

My philosophy which I live by is quite simple:

Eat well. Healthy foods, most of the time. Eat whole foods, less processed, lots of plant based. Don’t over eat. Moderate alcohol. Water, drink it!

Be active. Get out and do something, anything! each day. Try to work up a sweat a few times a week. Walking, play sports, run, ride, weights, box, yoga, boot camp, swim – mix it up.

Balance your lifestyle. Sleep, get lots of it. Socialize with family and friends, love and laugh! Work hard, love what you do. Manage stress. Take time to relax.

Within balance also lies the ability to eat your favourite foods! Your daily cappuccino you enjoy so much, the occasional desert or chocolate, enjoying a beer or wine with friends – these things can be part of a healthy lifestyle in moderation. As long as your day to day food intake is healthy and whole, and your exercise regime is up to scratch, you don’t need to cut things out or feel guilty about occasionally treating yourself.

Eating well, being active, and balancing your lifestyle (relaxation / work / social / sleep) are equally important in maintaining a healthy life. Don’t reach for your goals using dieting or obsessive behavior, use a triangle of healthy foods, exercise and balance to create a foundation for a life of health, happiness, positive weight maintenance and longevity.